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Major tourist attractions Odongdo Island, Yeosu Aqua Planet, Yeosu Rail Bike, Naganeupseong, Seonamsa Temple, The Suncheonman National Garden, The House of Choi Cham-Pan in Pyeongsa-ri, White Sand and Green Pine Trees in Hadong Port
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Day 1

[10:00~11:30] Odongdo Island

▶Odongdo Island

An island in Yeosu. From a distance, the shape of the island looks like a paulownia leaf, and it has been called Odongdo Island because of the abundance of paulownia trees since ancient times. Currently, there are 193 rare trees such as camellias, which are the island’s famous camellias, and Idae, which is a type of bamboo, as well as cypress, hollywood, hackberry, and hollywood, forming a dense forest. In particular, camellia trees that are native to this area grow in colonies, which is why it is also called ‘Dongbaekseom Island’ or ‘Flower Island of the Sea’.


[12:00~13:00] Lunch

[13:00~14:30] Yeosu Aqua Planet

▶Yeosu Aqua Planet

The second largest aquarium in Korea. It is characterized by being the first in Korea to be built on the ground (4-story scale).

Aqua Planet Yeosu, designated as the main viewing facility for the '2012 Yeosu Expo', is an eco-friendly aquarium realized by solar power. About 55,000 marine creatures of 300 species live there, and species conservation research is being conducted on endangered species such as beluga and blue sea turtle.


[15:00~16:00] Yeosu Rail Bike

▶Yeosu Rail Bike

All sections except the tunnel run along the beach. It is an amusement facility where you can enjoy sightseeing and leisure while pedaling a bicycle on a rail.

[16:30~17:00] Yeosu Cable Car

▶Yeosu Cable Car

It is a marine cable car that passes over the sea and connects Dolsan (island) and Jasan (land). There are crystal cabins and regular cabins. The crystal cabin has a transparent floor that allows you to see the sea beneath your feet, so you can feel the open visual pleasure and thrill..


[18:00~19:00] Dinner

[20:00] Arrival at accommodation


Day 2

[08:20] Departure after having breakfast

[09:00~10:00] Naganeupseong 


It is a flat town castle built entirely on the plain against the backdrop of Geumjeonsan Mountain, the guardian mountain of Nagan Village. In general, it is different from the fact that other townships are Pyeongsanseong Fortress, where flat land and mountains are built together.

In 1397, Kim Bin-gil, a resector from Nagan, built it with soil. Later, in 1424, soil fortress was changed to a stone fortress, and it was built as large and wide as its current size. During the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592, it was destroyed by Japanese enemies stationed in Suncheon. The ruined town castle was restored by Im Gyeong-eop, who was the governor of Nagan-gun, around 1628.


[10:30~11:30] Seonamsa Temple 

▶Seonamsa Temple

It is a temple located at the eastern foot of Jogyesa Temple and was founded during the Silla Dynasty. As a representative Buddhist Temple of Seonjong and Gyojong, it is famous for its training center, which formed a double wall with Songgwangsa Temple with Jogyesan Mountain in between.


[12:00~13:00] Lunch

[13:00~17:00] The Suncheonman National Garden/ Suncheon Sky Cube / Suncheon Bay

▶The Suncheonman National Garden

In 2013, the International Gardening Expo was held in Suncheon, Jeollanam-do. It is the first national garden designated in Korea.


▶Suncheon Bay

The total area is about 15,000 square meters. Both sides of the 3km-long waterway from the confluence of the Dongcheon River that runs through downtown Suncheon and the Isacheon River flowing from Sangsa-myeon, Suncheon-si to the estuary are covered with reed fields. Unlike other reed fields that are sparsely separated or formed in sparse clusters, it is a reed field where reeds that are much taller than a person's height are densely grown.


[18:00~19:00] Dinner 

[19:30] Return to accommodation


Day 3

[07:00~08:10] Departure after having breakfast

[09:00~10:00] POSCO Gwangyang Steelworks Tour

▶Gwangyang Steelworks  

It is a large-scale steel mill built by POSCO Co., Ltd. in Gwangyang National Industrial Complex, Gwangyang-si, Jeollanam-do. 

Construction of the first facility began in 1982 and was completed in 1987, with an annual production capacity of 2.7 million tons of crude steel. Since then, the five furnaces were completed in 1999, and a total of five furnaces have an annual production capacity of 18 million tons of crude steel.


[10:30~12:00] The House of Choi Cham-Pan in Pyeongsa-ri / Park Kyongni Literature Park

▶The House of Choi Cham-Pan 

The House of Choi Cham-Pan in the novel was embodied as 14 hanok buildings in Pyeongsa-ri, the background of Park Kyung-ri's epic novel 'Land', and there is also a set of drama 'Land', including thatched houses and relics that contain the lifestyle of Korean people in the late Joseon Dynasty. Every fall, the 'Land Literature Festival' , a literary festival for literary people across the country, is expected to be held here to establish itself as a literary village, and the two main characters in the novel are developed as characters and sold as tourism products.


▶Park Kyongni Literature Park 

Park Kyongni Literature Park, where you can explore the literary world of Park Kyongni, who is praised as a monumental work of the Korean literary circle, is a park where you can park the old house of Park Kyongni, the birthplace of the novel Land. Park Kyongni Literature Park, which is decorated on a site of about 3,200 pyeong, offers a glimpse of Park Kyongni's life by preserving the old house and garden where Park Kyongni wrote the land in its original form, and the surroundings are decorated with "Hongi Garden, Pyeongsa-ri Madang, and Yongdurebeol."

[12:30~13:30] Lunch

[14:00~15:30] White Sand and Green Pine Trees in Hadong Port

▶White Sand and Green Pine Trees in Hadong Port

On the banks of the Seomjingang River in Hadong-eup, there is Hadong Pine Forest (Natural Monument No. 445), a pine forest created in 1745. This place is also known as 'Baeksa Cheongsong(White Sand and Green Pine Trees)' in Hadong Port, which is known as a part of Hadong Port and a famous place.

[15:30] Departure

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Major tourist attractions Odongdo Island, Yeosu Aqua Planet, Yeosu Rail Bike, Naganeupseong, Seonamsa Temple, The Suncheonman National Garden, The House of Choi Cham-Pan in Pyeongsa-ri, White Sand and Green Pine Trees in Hadong Port
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